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FXP2P is operated by Net4P Marketing Corporation. By real P2P spirit, we try to build a platform that reduce your cost of foreign exchange and money transfer. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. FXP2P service email address is fxp2p@fxp2p.com

Your RATE is BETTER than any other RATE.
True P2P should be Free, Transparent, Perfect Competition.

FXP2P 是由網路通科技有限公司經營的外匯交換資訊平台,我們希望透過真正的 P2P 精神,讓群眾自行決定匯率,並且降低貨幣兌換與國際轉帳匯款的手續費。我們希望聽到來自您的任何建議,歡迎以 fxp2p@fxp2p.com 與我們聯繫

真正的 P2P 應該是「自由、透明、完全競爭」的

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Disclaimer: FXP2P currently provides only currency exchange information, does not provide any cash flow mechanism and did not receive any fees or service charges. We remind members that note remittance transaction security to prevent being cheated. We can not response to legal and financial problem.

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